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Customising System Properties

Posted by graycat on 30 May 2009

If you build your own PCs for a living or look after corporate ones with standard builds, you may find it interesting or useful to customise the system properties of a machine if only to add a little “corporate identity” and colour.

Here’s how I do it:

The logo – create a new bmp image file 180×114 pixels in size with whatever you want to display. Yes you can use rude pictures, no I don’t think that’s a great idea for work even though it might be funny. Maybe an April Fool idea though ….
Once you’ve got your logo up and running as you like is, copy it to %SYSTEMROOT%\System32. This will be c:\WINNT\system32 in a 2000 machine and c:\windows\system32 in and XP machine.

The writing – open Notepad and create a new text file with the following info:

Model=ICMB 500

[Support Information]
Line1=” ”
Line2=” For general support, upgrades and questions please”
Line3=” log on to the IT Help Desk at:”
Line6=”        http://Help.Desk.com        ”
Line9=” For urgent issues contact you local IT admin.”

Obviously customise that to your liking and environment then save as “oeminfo.ini” in the same directory as the logo.

Now when you hit the system properties you’ll have your company logo displayed with the first two lines under [general]. When you click the support information button, you’ll get the rest of the information too (warning: only the first ten lines though).

Neat huh?

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