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Deploying AutoCAD 2010 via GPO (Bringing it all together)

Posted by graycat on 16 June 2009

Now we’re a good four posts into my trial and tribulations of deploying this application via GPO, I thought it’d be a good time to round it all up together in what should hopefully be my last post on this subject for a while. Ok, I may do a complete “how to” once it gets out of the testing phase but one step at a time, ok?

The basic process of installing this application unfortunately requires more than just the deployment package from AutoDesk. To successfully install AutoCAD 2010 you will need to also install the following:

  • DirectX 9.0c and its latest updates.
  • 2008 C++ redistributable library / package
  • the missing files from the deployment

This also have to be installed in the above order with the AutoCAD package slotting in nicely before the missing files. To do this I’ve split the deployment into two GPO’s – the first installs DirectX and updates it to the latest version whilst the second installs both the C++ and AutoCAD msi packages before running a startup script to pull the missing files. To make sure these GPOs run in the right order (ie: AutoCAD doesn’t try installing before its got DirectX etc) I’ve use a WMI filter to control the second GPO.

For those of you familiar with GPOs you will no doubt be familiar with WMI filters. If you’re not familiar with them already, they can be summed up as a local check on the PC for a defined condition to be true before the GPO will activate. A lot of cases will look for an installed applicaiton (Office 2003 if you’re installing the 2007 compatability pack for example) or many other things.

In this case I’ve used the WMI filter to look for a directory under C:\Windows that only arrives after the DIrectX update. Here’s the filter:

Select * from Win32_Directory where name = ‘c:\\Windows\\Microsoft.Net\\DirectX for Managed Code’

It’s set in the root\CIMv2 namespace incase you were awake and wondering about that. ūüôā

Once you’ve set the DIrectX update / deployment GPO up successfully and controlled the AutoCAD GPO via this WMI filter it should all install fine. I’ve moved on to testing this on a large group of live production machines and these little changes have really helped. The only tweaks I do have are for neatness of scripts and installs (eg: the copy script needs to hide the copy section from view) but that’s minor and more to do with me being picky.

Hope that helps somewhat with your endeavours of deploying this application via GPO.

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Deploying AutoCAD 2010 via GPO (Part 2)

Posted by graycat on 9 June 2009

Carrying on from my previous post on deploying AutoCAD 2010 via GPO here’s an update with the latest problems and solutions I’ve run into.

AutoCAD LT¬† deploys fine now. I think after the scripted installs had finished doing their thing, it was happy. Since then all the deployments have gone through fine including those on live machines. Now it’s all down to the CAD guys to let me know how it works.

I’ve since rolled up my sleeves and am taking a swing at the bigger one with the full fixed licence install.

The installation package went up to the server / dfs share fine as you would expect but my god it’s huge! 1.4Gb to be slightly more accurate!! Ok, so that is with all the packages included but it’s still a touch large in my opinion. The price of progression and all that.

So post package upload I was looking through it and it claims to have the C++ package embedded so I decided to leave my own package off at this point and see how it rolls. I created the new GPO, security group, wiped the test rig and linked it all together.

Unfortunately it failed.

DirectX – error message¬† saying “must install DirectX first” was he only indicator which was a bit frustrating as DirectX was already installed! A quick test using “dxdiag” confirmed it was there but the install package was just not having it.

Looking into deploying DirectX showed some interesting approaches out there. A quick try of a few and the most reliable one was using the web setup. To do this you need to download the dwebsetup.exe from Microsoft and then setup a nice startup script to actually run the install. Here’s mine:

REM    Check if dxwebsetup.exe exists already
if exist %windir%\system32\DirectX\DXWebSetup.exe exit else

REM     make folder and copy down base installer
md %windir%\system32\DirectX

xcopy /c/y \\domain\dfs\it\deployment\directx\dxwebsetup.exe %windir%\system32\DirectX\

REM     install DirectX
%windir%\system32\DirectX\DXWebSetup.exe /c:”DXwSetup.exe /windowsupdate” /q /r:n


Let that one rip and ……. AutoCAD 2010 installs like a dream!!

Kinda. Well, until you try to run it and then you get an error message stating: “adui18res.dll no found”


Watch out for part 3 when I tackle that particular issue!

Edit: After further testing it seems the script needs to hang on for a bit whilst DirectX finishes the download and install. To make it do this, simply add “start /wait” to the front of the line running dxwebsetup.exe and the PC will launch it as a seperate process and wait until it terminates before moving on.

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