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Dead Servers and Backup Exec

Posted by graycat on 8 May 2009

Sometimes stuff does just go wrong and a machine dies on you. As i said, it just happens. Unfortunately if you’re running Veritas Backup Exec (owned by Symantec now) you might find that it still has the old server in it’s backup jobs.

In this case gets a touch annoying when you have successful backup jobs reporting as failing ….. and that just irritates the hell out of me!

So diving into the backup job to take out the old server and what do you see? Yep, it’s not there! The trick is to not view it in a graphical manner.

When you open the job, go to Selections and then in the right-hand pane, click “View Format” from graphical to text and you’re in business!

A nice little fix for an irritating little problem.

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