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Outlook Address Auto-Complete

Posted by graycat on 29 April 2008

Now as a Geek Cat who covers a lot of offices, there are also a lot of different versions of software to support. I know, it’s something I’m working on. Anyway, sometimes it takes a little headwork to swing from whatever version you use day in, day out to what an end user might be using.

One that got me recently was the auto-completion of addresses in MS Outlook.

Now this is not something I think about regularly so I was a bit stumped when someone asked why has it stopped working and what can we do about it. But I like a challenge so I dived on into a little research.

It turns out that the autocomplete of addresses is actually “nickname cache” and is held in a file under C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. Quite often if Outlook is not shutdown properly, this can become corrupt and will dump all its cached names forcing you to start again with them.

Unfortunately it’s just one of those things that happen. It should start caching names again pretty soon. if not, it might be worth deleting the *.NK2 from that directory and have it build a new one from scratch.

Simple and easy but worth a little research to find out about.

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