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Deploying AutoCAD 2010 via GPO (Bringing it all together)

Posted by graycat on 16 June 2009

Now we’re a good four posts into my trial and tribulations of deploying this application via GPO, I thought it’d be a good time to round it all up together in what should hopefully be my last post on this subject for a while. Ok, I may do a complete “how to” once it gets out of the testing phase but one step at a time, ok?

The basic process of installing this application unfortunately requires more than just the deployment package from AutoDesk. To successfully install AutoCAD 2010 you will need to also install the following:

  • DirectX 9.0c and its latest updates.
  • 2008 C++ redistributable library / package
  • the missing files from the deployment

This also have to be installed in the above order with the AutoCAD package slotting in nicely before the missing files. To do this I’ve split the deployment into two GPO’s – the first installs DirectX and updates it to the latest version whilst the second installs both the C++ and AutoCAD msi packages before running a startup script to pull the missing files. To make sure these GPOs run in the right order (ie: AutoCAD doesn’t try installing before its got DirectX etc) I’ve use a WMI filter to control the second GPO.

For those of you familiar with GPOs you will no doubt be familiar with WMI filters. If you’re not familiar with them already, they can be summed up as a local check on the PC for a defined condition to be true before the GPO will activate. A lot of cases will look for an installed applicaiton (Office 2003 if you’re installing the 2007 compatability pack for example) or many other things.

In this case I’ve used the WMI filter to look for a directory under C:\Windows that only arrives after the DIrectX update. Here’s the filter:

Select * from Win32_Directory where name = ‘c:\\Windows\\Microsoft.Net\\DirectX for Managed Code’

It’s set in the root\CIMv2 namespace incase you were awake and wondering about that. 🙂

Once you’ve set the DIrectX update / deployment GPO up successfully and controlled the AutoCAD GPO via this WMI filter it should all install fine. I’ve moved on to testing this on a large group of live production machines and these little changes have really helped. The only tweaks I do have are for neatness of scripts and installs (eg: the copy script needs to hide the copy section from view) but that’s minor and more to do with me being picky.

Hope that helps somewhat with your endeavours of deploying this application via GPO.

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Deploying AutoCAD 2010 via GPO (Part 4)

Posted by graycat on 10 June 2009

Or  Death by Application Rollout!

Now that I’m into the testing phase on live machines, all manner of lovely issues seem to crop up. Here’s some of the major ones and how to resolve them.

FATAL ERROR: Unhandled e0434f4dh Exception at 7c812a5bh

This is related to the .NET installs on the local machine. The latest version I have allowed here is 3.5 SP1 and there seems to have been issues with the initial release from MS. A quick an easy resolution to this is to uninstall the SP1, reboot the machine and let it pick up the updated SP1 from WSUS or wherever. In all the cases I’ve had here, this has resolved the issue nicely.

Various DLL, cui / cuix and chm files missing

This was a tough one to figure out but it seems for some reason that the msi package doens’t copy all the dll files down from the install point. To resolve this, I added a start up script to the policy like this:

REM     check if done previously
if exist “c:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\dllsynch.flg” exit else
goto copy

REM    synchronise dll files from install point
start /wait xcopy /d/e/h/c/y “\\domain\dfs\it\Deployment\ACAD2010_Fixed\AdminImage\x86\acad\en-us\Acad\Program Files\Root” “c:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\”

REM    create dllsynch.flg to prevent rerun.
echo done > “c:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\dllsynch.flg”


As you can tell I’ve added a bit more into it to synchronise the whole directory. At first it was just the dll files but there was a later issue involving chm and cuix files. No idea why these files don’t make it down to the computer but this seemed to resolve various issues.

New Features Workshop

This was due to missing chm files in the install directory. The script sorted that one out.

Missing acad.chm

This is the help menu which I’m told could be pretty useful and fortunately it’s a simple missing chm file. Thankfully, the script (I’m beginning to think it needs a proper name!) sorted this one out again.

Well, second round of installs is tomorrow so we’ll see how things go. Watch this space as they say. 😉

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