Ramblings From The Litter Tray of Life


A Tomcat of majestic proportions striding through life as the ruler of all he sees, safe in the knowledge of his truly epic abilities.

Or something like that. At least that’s what it’s like in my head.

Seriously though, I’m an IT “professional” in whatever that means in the modern day and age. Currently looking after the IT department for a world reknowned company with offices spread across Europe or somewhere like it.
The views and opinions expressed on here by my web-alter-ego are simply that – my opinions and views. Take offence if you wish but they’re only words and are only my take on things. Do not take things too seriously and you might have some fun round here. Oh, these opinions etc – take them with a pinch of salt, yes? If you are silly enough to take as gosspel something you’ve seen written on here, try it in a live environement and promptly bugger it all up …. then you’ve got no-one to blame but yourself. If in doubt, research and test first!! 🙂

Right, back to hunting mice and lazying in the glow of a CRT monitor.

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