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Getting rid of null IP addresses in BGInfo

Posted by graycat on 30 September 2011

I love BGInfo and install it on all my Windows servers. It makes things so much easier when you can see key information right there on the desktop whilst you’re working on remote machines. However it has run into a few issues with Windows Server 2008 where it produces null responses for things like local IP address or DNS servers.

After a  bit of playing around with WMI I’ve found that these checks make for a much cleaner display than the built in ones.


First thing’s first you’ll have to create a new custom check, call it something meaningful like “IP Address2” or whatever and select WMI then Browse. Once into the WMI selections from the WMI Class drop-down menu select Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration and then the Class Property drop-down menu, select IPAddress. At this point you will see a lot of null addresses in the evaluation window. To clean this up simply add the following onto the end of the query: Where IPEnabled=TRUE


This should then remove all those pesky bits that you don’t need and bring BGInfo back to looking all nice and clean.

I’ve taken this a bit further an used the same approach with the DNS servers like this: SELECT DNSServerSearchOrder FROM Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration WHERE IPENABLED=TRUE


An easy fix in the end.

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