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WSUS 3.0 SP2 Problems

Posted by graycat on 11 June 2010

Like any responisble admin, I like to keep my machines up to date and patched as far as I can. Unlike some though I don’t like running right on the bleeding edge of the latest versions as I prize stability over new functions. A stable environment = more productive users = more money to the company to pay for my caffeine habit!

For our Windows machines this revolves around the free Microsoft offering of WSUS. In fact multiple WSUS installations in my case as we’re spread across many sites and not all have great internet links. To cover this I have one WSUS server installed in the head office which acts as the “master” and all the others act as “downstream” servers pulling the updates and rules from the master. This works really well and is almost set-and-forget reliable.

Well, until an update to WSUS itself sneaks though that is!

A few weeks ago whilst I was on annual leave our master WSUS server picked up and update to SP2. Unfortunately whilst it tried to install it, it failed miserably. Part of the automated tidy up after this failed upgrade was to remove WSUS. In its entirety!

Fortunately this was spotted pretty shortly after and WSUS SP1 was reinstalled however whilst the updates and DB remained it had lost all rules and groups.

After reviewing the damage and the release notes, I decided to rip it out and install the SP2 version from fresh as this seems to be the only reliable way of upgrading. I have heard that you can use the Installation CleanUp utility to remove the aborted WSUS upgrades and then just install SP2 over the top but decided to go with the full method instead.

Oh and as a backup to manual checks I’m implementing some more detailed checks from nagios for these servers just to be on the safe side!


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