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Progression of storage

Posted by graycat on 30 May 2010

Now I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this previously but I run a MacBook as my personal machine. This is one of the last black ones and originally came with 160Gb hard drive I think. However I soon upgraded this to a 500Gb one.

Yep, that’s a whopping half a terabyte.

That’s bigger than a lot of servers a few years ago! In a laptop!

So this huge amount of storage should last me forever or damn close, right? Ummm not really it turns out. After a quick trip to the local computer store I’m now a proud owner of my second WD external hard drive and this one is a huge 1Tb. Ok, I know that’s not really huge when you look at the 1.5Tb and even 2Tb single drives that are on the market at present but it did get me thinking.

I now have sat on my desk the following: a 1Tb WD Essentials, a 500Gb WD MyBook, a 250Gb WD Passport and a 500Gb WD internal drive. That makes for a 2.25Tb of storage …… and that’s not counting fun things like iPhones or USB and SD sticks.

To put it into perspective the first server I purchased when I started in IT was only 120Gb or so and that was using a six drive bay chassis. Of course the latest and greatest servers have many terabytes of storage without even getting into the SAN arena.

If you had told me five or ten years ago that I’d have over two thousand gigabytes of storage on my desk at home I would have been very interested in what you had been drinking!

It really makes me wonder what we’re going to have on our desks in five or ten years ……. and what we’re going to be storing on it!!


One Response to “Progression of storage”

  1. I like having large hard drives on the machines I work on, not because I store a lot of stuff (No movies, no music… I’m boring?) but because when properly defragmented with all files on the outer cylinders the machine runs nice and fast.

    Until we get SSDs, at which point we will be freed from the shackles of platters.

    And then we harness DNA and can store everything twice on a device the size of a dandruff.

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