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Install CentOS 5 via NetInstall

Posted by graycat on 9 July 2009

I’ve recently started playing with linux to the point that it’s in the live domain now doing various rolls. However, I’ve recently tried installing it on an old and dodgy laptop for a specific task and ran into a few issues.
Firstly the only install CD I had was in fact a DVD which whilst no big deal normally would not boot in this laptop. I told you it was old, right?
I looked at downloading the install CDs but there are five or so of them and it just didn’t light my fire. Then I discovered NetInstall – basically this is a tiny iso that allows you to boot from it, point the install at the online repositories and install from there over the network.

Neat, huh?

I found a really good guide here (http://www.chrisgountanis.com/technical/34-technical/45-centos-netinstall.html) but failed at the first hurdle of starting the install. The error message was something like “Could not find kernel image: linux”.
Touch annoying but it turns out it is a known bug. The really easy solution is to type the following command at the start screen and hit go: “/isolinux/vmlinuz initrd=/isolinux/initrd.img”
Once that’s going, follow the previous link to get the install going as per normal and you’re well away.

Now to just watch the blue line work its way across the screen …..

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