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Deploying AutoCAD 2010 via GPO (Part 3)

Posted by graycat on 9 June 2009

or  AutoCAD 2010 and my DLL HELL!

Following on from my previous posts on deploying AutoCAD 2010 via GPO you may will noticed that I’ve run into the dreaded dll issues that sometimes plague these installs. In most cases a rebuild of the initial admin install point of msi is required but that hasn’t worked in this case.

My slightly off the wall but works solution is to synchronise the dll directory in the installation package with the local install directory. Here’s my little script that has a few extra bits in:

REM     check if done previously
if exist “c:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\dllsynch.flg” exit else
goto copy

REM    synchronise dll files from install point
xcopy /d/e/h/c/y “\\domain\dfs_share\it\Deployment\ACAD2010Fixed\AdminImage\x86\acad\en-us\Acad\Program Files\Root\*.dll” “c:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\”

REM    create dllsynch.flg to prevent rerun.
echo done > “c:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\dllsynch.flg”


As you can see that does a quick flag file check then synchronises the dll files in there and creates the flag file so it only does it the once.

Fortunately that seemed to cover most if not all of the dll errors I ran into and at which point the application runs smoothly.

After retesting from scratch on a blank machine, I found the group policy was working and the application was deploying ok but it took two restarts – the intial one to get the gpo and start the install and the second to finish it off.

I’ve tracked this down to the scripted installs of DirectX running after the msi package of AutoCAD 2010 has tried to install. As DirectX isn’t installed by this point, AutoCAD aborts then the DirectX installs. A reboot finishes off the AutoCAD install fine.


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