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How to repoint Veritas Replication Exec console

Posted by graycat on 5 December 2008

Sometimes you’ve just got to move an application to another server. It’s just the way it goes. Unfortunately quite often that means you’ve got to remove / reinstall all the clients …. which can be a pain.

We recently had to migrate the “master server” (otherwise known as the RMS server) for replication exec and change the Replication Neighborhood at the same time. Personally, I really didn’t want to reinstall the console on numerous PC’s and servers so I found the registry keys that do the pointing.

To change the RMS server, alter: HKLM\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\ENL\Network.TCPIP\gateway to the new server name or IP address. You’ll have to restart the Veritas service for this to kick in but it’s a 2 second job.

To change the Replication Neighborhood go to KLM\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\ENL\System\netgroup and alter that to the new name. No service restart required for this one.

Job done.

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