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Installing my first VMWare Server (Part 1)

Posted by graycat on 19 July 2008

Well the day is now upon us when it is time to install my first VMWare server. So here’s an account as I go through the process. I’ll update it as I go along and try to keep the swearing to a minimum.

[wavy flashback fade out]

It’s a hell of a week. My last day off seems so long ago. Probably because it is and I’ve worked through my last weekend or two … or is it more? Can’t remember.

As I said, this would be a really bad time to give up smoking if I smoked. The week started ok on Monday and then dived like a concrete glider on Tuesday. Things got so bad we were about 30 mins away from calling in Microsoft but managed to work it out in the end (more on this in another post or two). The up shot is I’ve got to build our new VMWare host and rapidly! No prep time and having to chase for the software licences, just bite the bullet, grab the bull by the horns and go for it!

Friday afternoon was spent unpacking our shiney new HP ML380 server and accompanying MSA70 external drive array. Unpacking it was no problem, getting it into the rack was more interesting.

Yes, we’ve got 4U free.

No, they’re not together. Great.

I’ve always wanted to move some kit in that rack anyway so might as well do it now!

The installation of the hardware went fine with it all fitting into place nicely. The only issue was the KVM wasn’t showing the new server but as it was gone 6pm already on Friday in a week I’m already pushing 70hrs+, I think I’ll leave it for the morning.

[relocated to that evening and the Graycat Mansion]

Curled up on the black leather sofa, drinking a glass of wine and browsing online install guides on my black MacBook I’m nothing if not colour coordinated and the epitome of casual suave-iness (new word by the way).

After a relaxing evening of reading and socialising with the housemates who turn out haven’t been abducted by aliens and are infact alive and well, it’s time for a serious cat nap ready for the morning’s fun and games.

[Wavy flashback fade out as sleep takes hold]

To be continued ……

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