Ramblings From The Litter Tray of Life

A whole new world

Posted by graycat on 28 April 2008

Ahhh, the smell of real life. That’s coffee to everyone who isn’t a caffeine addict like myself.

Lets set some rules now that we’ve all got the neurons firing

  1. This is my blog about whatever I want to post. Mostly it’ll be weird and wonderful stuff that’s going on in my life but there may be some emotional outpouring, the odd rant or two, a discussion on my latest fitness kick or stupid idea for fun.
  2. WARNING: There will be IT content. Sorry, it’s just something I do. Deal with it.
  3. I make no promises to be funny / entertaining / informative / clean / mature. Take it as you see it.
  4. I will not be revealing who I am, where I live etc but if you can work it out (it’s not tricky to be honest) then please keep it to yourself and don’t sue me.
  5. By reading this blog, even if you miss this post, you agree that you can’t sue me, may family, my friends, my dog, my fish, my employers if I have one or employees if I have any of them, for anything at all. Full stop end of sentence move on with your life and get over the suing culture. It’s not big and we’re not impressed, ok? Just think what your dear old granny would say if she heard about it!
  6. Feel free to heckle / comment / critique / applaud / contribute / tell to bugger off as you see fit …. but don’t get upset if I respond and / or delete you comment. See Rule #1 about it being my blog and Rule #4 about not suing me in any shape or form.

Excellent. Now we’ve got that out of the way …… I suppose I’d better post something else.


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